The Ballad of the Children of the Czar

Ángeles Agrela / Răzvan Boar / Nicole Duennebier / Liang Fu / Samantha Joy Groff / Joshua Hagler / Devin B. Johnson / Chantal Khoury / Rae Klein / Larry Madrigal / Teresa Murta / Katherina Olschbaur / Jorge Peris / Daniel Pitín / Cristian Răduță / Nicola Samorì / Ioana Stanca / Ecaterina Vrana / Nadia Waheed


June 22 – July 27, 2024

Press Release

O Nicholas! Alas! Alas!

My grandfather coughed in your army,


Hid in a wine-stinking barrel,

For three days in Bucharest


Then left for America

To become a king himself.

— from “The Ballad of the Children of the Czar,” Delmore Schwartz, 1938

Mihai Nicodim defected from Romania to the United States in 1983 and opened his first gallery in 2006. In 2013, he expanded his program to include a new space in Bucharest, the city in which he was born and raised. The Ballad of the Children of the Czar continues the Bucharest gallery’s tradition of summer group exhibitions celebrating Nicodim’s international roster of artists and the transience of identity itself. Inevitably, if a group of people stick around long enough, every new frontier will become known to some future generation as “the old country.”