Daniel Pitín (b. 1977, Prague, Czech Republic) is a leading figure among the generation of artists to have emerged since the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe. He received his education from the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic in 2001, and continues to live and work in Prague. Exhibitions include Chantal Khoury, Daniel Pitín, Nadia Waheed, Nicodim, Los Angeles (2024, forthcoming); The Ballad of the Children of the Czar, Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest (2024); The Newcomers Association, hunt kastner, Prague (2024, solo); DISEMBODIED, Nicodim, Los Angeles (2024); Time Machine, Nicodim, New York (2023, solo); Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest: 10 Years, Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest (2023); Sommerkino, Czech Center, Berlin (2022, solo); A Race of Peeping Toms, Nicodim, Los Angeles (2020, solo); A Paper Tower, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague (2019, solo); Formal Encounters, Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest (2018); Broken Windows, House of Art, České Budejovice (2018, solo); Grotto, Charim Gallery, Vienna (2018, solo); Crystal Gardens, GRIMM, Amsterdam (2017, solo); The Mechanical Flowers, Nicodim, Los Angeles (2017, solo). Pitín is collected by the the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Knoxville Museum of Art, and his solo institutional exhibitions include Cover Story, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (2012); and After the Fall, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill and the Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville (2011).