Isabelle Albuquerque is a Los Angeles-based sculptor and performer. She was a founding member of the music and performance duo Hecuba, and is a co-director of Osk, a collaborative studio that develops artificial and alien intelligence to create and look at art and individual experience through new human and nonhuman perspectives.

Orgy for 10 People in One Body, Albuquerque's current sculptural journey, involves casting and 3D scanning her own body to create ten headless, human-scaled figures, each composed of a different solitary material. With the series, she unpacks deeply personal and poetic moments from her life and sets them against history, myth, and wider contemporary socio-political movements. The work explores emergent systems of intrapersonal communion from outside the body, invoking collective identity, transhumanism, simultaneous emotional states, plurality, love, loss of self, relocation of memory, pleasure, and intimacy.

Sextet, Albuquerque’s first solo exhibition with Nicodim, opened in September of 2020 with six sculptures from Orgy for 10 People in One Body. Her work has been highlighted in the gallery’s group exhibitions When You Waked Up the Buffalo (2020), Hollywood Babylon: A Re-Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, presented in collaboration with Jeffrey Deitch and AUTRE Magazine (2020), and Skin Stealers (2019). Albuquerque was featured in conversation with Arthur Jafa in AUTRE Magazine’s  The Edge of Chaos issue.