Chemtrails reviewed by Valentina Iancu Revista Arte | May 25, 2019

Pollution has clogged all of our pores. Radiations of all kinds traumatize our tissues. Chemtrails. Will nature survive this new culture? Will any bit of humanity survive these transformations? What will the humanoids of the future look like?

Nicodim Gallery featured in the 'Underground Gallery Guide' to Downtown Los Angeles Garrett Leight | May 2019

"The LA art scene is dead; love live the LA art scene!"

Simphiwe Ndzube interviewed for the Africa Raw Talent Radio Podcast Africa Raw Talent Radio | May 1, 2019

ART Radio interviews Simphiwe Ndzube on his life and practice. "Ndzube is a reminder that Africa is not merely a landfill for a wasted imagination, defunct ideals or ruined fantasies, but a thriving and talismanic force field for a further circulation and recycling of a now further-transmogrified waste."

Mi Kafchin's Chernobyl Springtime LA Weekly | April 30, 2019

In Mi Kafchin’s canvases, compositional tension is built between the push and pull of brutalist architectural splendor and feral, radioactive nature; while narrative dimensions unfold with the inscrutable mythology of post-Soviet displacement, disinformation and conspiracy, randomness and rebellion.

Conspiracy and Otherworldliness: Mi Kafchin at Nicodim Gallery Artillery | April 25, 2019

In “Chemtrails,” Kafchin visually represents her incessant internal escapades, which attempt to process how radioactive toxins from Chernobyl and other infiltrating forces altered her body and mind. Kafchin boldly evokes surreal and not popularly acknowledged concepts. Her work illuminates the frightening realization that in the grand scheme of things, we have little agency in controlling that which we don’t fully know—and as Kafchin illustrates, it’s quite a lot.

Conversations: “The Influencing Machine” at Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest in Mousse Magazine Mousse Magazine | April 20, 2019

The conversation [transcribed] is from a panel discussion between Aaron Moulton (director of Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest), Luchezar Boyadjiev (visual artist), Călin Dan (director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, and an artist belonging to the group subREAL), and Geert Lovink (media theorist, critic, and founding director of the Institute of Network Cultures). The panel focused on the program developed by the Soros Centers for Contemporary Art (SCCA) network and its major role in the modernization of artistic discourse in the former socialist countries and the republics of the former USSR.

'The Diamond Hunters' is Artillery Magazine's Pick of the Week Artillery Magazine | April 3, 2019

"Despite their playful affectation, Răduță’s bestial bricolages are more humanly bizarre than garden-variety toys, often bearing blatantly anthropomorphic or monstrous features. A sinking feeling develops as you realize that your surrounding rascals are not innocuous creatures, but chimerical freaks." – Annabel Osberg

Simphiwe Ndzube featured in 9 Emerging Los Angeles Artists to Watch in 2019 in ArtNet ArtNet News | February 13, 2019

Los Angeles is a multi-verse. There are countless routes to take, places to go, and artists to watch, which can make the entire experience of visiting or living in the city a little overwhelming. Born in Cape Town in 1990, Ndzube often addresses life in the country after Apartheid, but with a surreal narrative structure. His pieces are large-scale, mixed-media collages, featuring grotesque, headless figures in banal clothes sprouting arms, light bulbs, and traffic cones out of their necks while slumping around colorfully abstract dreamscapes. Often, the figures become three-dimensional and the cones and clothes are made from found objects.

Explore L.A.'s Dynamic Art World as It Takes Center Stage Architectural Digest | February 11, 2019

“There’s a lot of energy now in downtown,” according to Culver City gallerist Susanne Vielmetter. Part of that energy has been the Arts District's rapid real estate development, which includes the 2016 arrival of Swiss behemoth Hauser & Wirth, plus a number of expensive new coffee shops and concept stores. Galleries have come (and gone) to the area’s former warehouse spaces for the relatively affordable real estate, but not without fierce resistance from longtime residents. For better or worse, this region of the city is undergoing dramatic changes that reach beyond the art world. At larger galleries like Night, Ghebaly, and Nicodim, openings spill out into the driveway, likely alongside a taco truck and coolers full of beer cans.

Review: Tear Apart, Assemble, Repeat. Peeling the layers of Zhou Yilun's 'Ornament and Crime' LA Times | January 30, 2019

Raw and brutish, paintings by Zhou Yilun are assembled from scraps. For his second show at Nicodim Gallery, some bits are physical, as in collage; others are imagistic, as in layered pictures. He’s a bricoleur, puttering about with whatever comes to hand....

Robert Yarber: Suspended Within Transcendental Aspic Artillery Magazine | Nov/Dev 2018

Influenced by cinema, especially the denaturalized space and lighting that one finds in film noir, Yarber is forever pushing up against what is impossible versus plausible. Blind in one eye since birth, he knows he’s seeing it “wrong” but that just means that in these soft-core phantasmagorias he’s only painting what he sees. The flatness, the compression and expansion of pictorial space, and the dream-logic phenomenology of internal cohesion despite intense weirdness all contribute to creating a masterful externalization of a set of internal realities. Freud would be proud....

Explore the Aesthetic of Influences at Nicodim Gallery High Times | October 2018

"Cannabis helped me release any tensions that would block the visualization process,” Yarber said. “It permitted me to enter the plane of the image, and to permeate myself within the scene. The mind-body split would be reduced or diminished, so suddenly the body was in the mind and there was a permission to explore there. There was somatic integration with the visuals as well. The colors would be enhanced. The spatial relationship would be enhanced. I’d be unburdened.”  

Yarber notes he may have come to those creative heights anyhow, but remains grateful to the “great gift the plant has given me.” 

Robert Yarber and Ben Lee Ritchie Handler in Conversation Autre Magazine #6, 2018

'I just gravitated towards the drama of gravity being overthrown. That’s just part of the drama, the fact that we’re all stuck here. And also, it had to do with the history of dream lore, my own personal experience of dreaming of levitation and flying. Later, during many openings where I would show this kind of work, people would come up and discuss their own flying dreams, and it worked into about a 50/50 break between people that flew like Superman: extending their arms and propelling themselves by their will, and people who flapped and used their locomotive motion. I happened to be one that flapped...'

Nicodim Gallery Interviewed at Art Berlin Associated Press

Ben Lee Ritchie Handler and Aaron Moulton interviewed for "Modern art fair draws collectors to Berlin art scene," a breaking story from AP covering the 2018 iteration of Art Berlin! 

Moffat Takadiwa featured in "De man die activistische kunst maakt van kapotgeslagen toetsenborden" Vice Magazine NL

The work of Takadiwa can now be seen in Language is the only homeland, an exhibition in The Nest, NL, about language, and the role language plays in forming a national or cultural identity. In the exhibition space we talked to him about colonial relics, and how it is to work with broken keyboards...

Nicodim Gallery featured in '10 Art Spaces Not to be Missed in Los Angeles' Kozzarte

Mihai Nicodim opened his first gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles in 2006 and later moved to Boyle Heights. In recent years, the gallery has offered a strong program of talented artists from Romania and Eastern Europe, becoming one of the first supporters of the Cluj School, the collective of artists including Adrian Ghenie, Razvan Boar, Ciprian Muresan, and Serban Savu...

Andrew Berardini on the inaugural edition of the Acid-Free Art Book Market

A few tables down, a white jumpsuited Ben Lee Ritchie Handler manned the Nicodim Gallery booth, where they sold occult catalogues for a trilogy of exhibitions Aaron Moulton curated at Nicodim’s LA and Bucharest locations. Each copy bore a cryptic symbol and sat behind a matching semitranslucent pyramid....

Formal Encounters at Galeria Nicodim: Ben Lee Ritchie Handler interviewed by Sara Clarken for Berlin Art Link

‘Formal Encounters’ is a group exhibition of policy challenging juxtapositions that speculate calculated instances of commodity in its most forbidden forum. Berlin Art Link spoke to curator Ben Lee Ritchie Handler about the current show at Bucharest’s Galeria Nicodim...

Simphiwe Ndzube featured alongside Amy Sherald, Mark Bradford, Chris Ofili, Sam Gilliam, and Kerry James Marshall in Bloomberg

Emerging black artists starred last month at the Armory Show, New York’s biggest contemporary art fair, where Nicodim Gallery sold out of paintings and sculptures by South Africa’s Simphiwe Ndzube on the first day....

BioPerversity reviewed by Shana Nys Dambrot in Art and Cake

We tend to use anthropomorphized animals as proxies in metaphors and morality plays, fairy tales and Freudian projections, tattoos and illuminated manuscripts. Old myths are full of half human, half animal creatures, often gods or at least demigods. Minotaur, mermaid, centaur, Anubis, wood nymphs, Dracula....

Formal Encounters reviewed by Valentina Iancu in Revista ARTA

Written in red, the phrase “Formal Encounters is an exhibition of the artist at their most private public moment” closes with a bang the curatorial pseudo-fiction that accompanies the most recent exhibition at Nicodim Gallery in Bucharest, Formal Encounters....

BioPerversity featured in Autre

Nicodim Gallery is pleased to present BioPerversity, an exploration of humanity’s darker and lighter perversions as told through the personification of the rest of the animal kingdom, creatures who exist a few rungs beneath us on the evolutionary ladder.....

BioPerversity's Opening Reception featured in Artillery

BioPerversity's opening reception featured in "From Sea to Shining Sea" on Artillery's Roll Call. The group show, curated by the ever-charming John Knuth and recent newly appointed director of Nicodim Benjamin Lee Richard Handler, was placed was packed with many familiar faces including Andy Moses, Keith Boadwee, The Box’s Mara McCarthy...

Formal Encounters featured in Blouin ArtInfo

Nicodim Gallery is hosting a group exhibition titled “Formal Encounters” at its Bucharest venue. The exhibition is a take on life affected by hi-tech apps. Every facet of personal interaction is preordained by community guidelines, chatroom moderators, and pirate, national, and corporate Peeping Toms. The casual, the discrete, and the kinky are increasingly formal....

John Duncan featured in Blouin ArtInfo

The iconic Los Angeles artist John Duncan’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles will be on view at the Nicodim Gallery. The show is an immersive retrospective installation featuring some of the artist's best-known and most challenging works, including "Scare" (1976), "Blind Date" (1980), "Icons" (1995), and "Dream House: Rage Room" (2010). Informed by the seismic shift in his livelihood.....

Homeward Bound reviewed by Hannah Hughes in 10011 Mag

Two witty, visually rich concurrent shows in Los Angeles, The Cruelty of Others at Household, and Homeward Bound at Nicodim share a sophisticated interest in sexuality and domesticity. Nicodim gallery becomes a set, painted deep liverish fuschia, furnished with an array of Windsor, brut, nouveau, ad-hoc, kink, African, and designer pieces that.....

On the Sex of Angels featured in Blouin ArtInfo

Galeria Nicodim is hosting a group exhibition titled “On the Sex of Angels” at its Bucharest venue. The exhibition seeks to open a dialogue on apparently different issues as the absurd and the absolute and searches for ways to return art onto life, without shutting itself into religious or ideological positions....

Homeward Bound featured in Autre

Homeward Bound is a domestic setting where all the skeletons are let out of the closet and allowed to play on the furniture, to stomp each other’s grapes. With the eye of noted designer Oliver M. Furth, the gallery space has been transformed into a literal home, complete with a living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, beyond.....

The Surreal Sculptures and Paintings of Simphiwe Ndzube

“Bhabharosi” at Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles is the first solo show from Simphiwe Ndzube outside Cape Town, South Africa, the artist’s hometown. The strange, headless and limbless figures that travel throughout the paintings and sculptures of Ndzube have their own mythology. Read about the lore below......

New Season, New Art: Fall Begins with 45 Notable Exhibitions Featuring Works by Black Artists

With this exhibition, Simphiwe Ndzube has officially gone international. Ndzube is based in Los Angeles and South Africa, and this presentation is his first solo show outside of his native Cape Town. Featuring paintings and sculpture characterized by his signature use of clothing, fabric, and objects.......

Desolation, Dystopia And Joyous Dance - Simphiwe Ndzube

Simphiwe Ndzube, in his bold debut at the Nicodim Gallery, has produced a personal and political tragicomedy that is an insightful commentary on the human condition. Set against the backdrop of South Africa where Ndzube was born, Bhabharosi tells the timely story of the hero’s journey.......

Simphiwe Ndzube featured in Artillery

“Bhabharosi,” the title of Simphiwe Ndzube’s show and several works therein, is a neologism the artist coined from the words “barbarous” and “rose” in isiXhosa, his native language, to refer to his protagonists. As insinuated, a mood of bittersweetness transfuses the exhibition. Variegated mixed-media works..........

Simphiwe Ndzube at Nicodim Gallery

Certain artists—Kerry James Marshall and Nicole Eisenman come to mind—have mastered the ability to combine life as it is lived with life as it is portrayed; representation and abstraction work in tandem to produce portraits or scenes that reveal more about their subjects than literal depictions......


‘Bhabharosi’: A Beckett-Inspired Zulu Hero at Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

Attention, please! There's a hero on the road! Currently on view at Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles, ‘Bhabharosi,’ the first solo exhibition by Simphiwe Ndzube outside his hometown of Cape Town. Drawing from his South-African roots, as well as literature, the multi-award.......

Simphiwe Ndzube featured in Art & Cake

Through metaphor and myth we seek to express themes that speak not to the particulars of a time and place but assert the conditions of life in universal terms; it is a need to depict the everyman and woman as players in this tragicomedy of life. From the Tarot deck, the fool steps off of a cliff......

The Basilisk featured in LA Weekly

The show, curated by Aaron Moulton (who also curated the sprawling show next door at Venus over Los Angeles), grapples with the afterlife and the otherworldly and includes so much more...

The Basilisk featured in Artforum

Alexander Reben’s mesmerizing five-minute film Deeply Artificial Trees, 2017, is basically Bob Ross on acid....

The Basilisk featured in LA Times

Pass through the doors of Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles and you may think you have entered the astral plane. “The Basilisk,” as this exhibition is called, is no ordinary show....

Simphiwe Ndzube featured in Zoo Magazine

“What artists make is, to a certain extend, an extension of themselves. It somehow shows what is happening in the backs of our minds, how we analyze the world and how we project the world back to ourselves.” - Simphiwe Ndzube

Adrian Ghenie in the last issue of PARKETT

Ghenie might be saying that nothing is ever really lost, and that ends and beginnings, “inaugurations” and “epochal shifts,” repurpose the same scabrous, oily fragments…

Philipp Kremer featured in Cura Magazine CURA | March 2017
Daniel Pitin featured in LA Weekly LA Weekly | March 2017

The paintings of Daniel Pitín are firmly holding on to the eternal distinction between light and darkness...

Power Play: Ciprian Muresan's Take on Art and Indoctrination Art & Cake | January 2017

by Genie Davis

Tong Kunniao's exhibit has been recommended by LA Times & LA Weekly
Tong Kunniao's exhibit has been recommended by LA Times & LA Weekly


LA Times


LA Weekly

Tong Kunniao featured in
Nicodim Gallery is featured in RandianMay 28, 2016
Zhou Yilun featured in September's YiShu | Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art9/1/2016
"Omul Negru I" in Bucharest is featured in Revista Arta
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"Omul Negru" is featured in ARTnewsAugust 12, 2016
Ecaterina Vrana featured in Cura Magazine, July 2016
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Ecaterina Vrana featured in Artillery Magazine, July 2016
Ecaterina Vrana featured in LA Times, June 24, 2016
Zhou Yilun, featured in Revisita Arta, June 2016 "The Monkey on Horseback" by Magda Cârneci
Sociopolitical History and Art History as Feedback Loops Whitehot Magazine | June 2016

by Shana Nys Dambrot

Zhou Yilun Experiences Bucharest LEAP Magazine #39 | June 2016
Aujourd'hui Orlando featured on Aujourd'hui
Critic's Pick: Hugo Wilson's Ideal Hauntology at Nicodim Gallery ArtForum

Hugo Wilson’s sumptuous oil paintings and delicate drawings, rendered in a dramatic-realist style reminiscent of Dutch masters, depict endearingly quirky subjects—a proboscis monkey elegantly perched in a wooden frame; a collection of claws, feathers, creatures, and a highly detailed human heart—that charm and seduce viewers into the more implicit topic of his work: the amorphous space in which meaning is made. — Annie Buckley