The Hierophant


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June 17 – July 29, 2017

Press Release

Dearly Beloved,


None of this has been easy. Nor was it meant to be. It has involved a great deal of transformation, of embodiment, of becoming. Part of me wonders if there is any going back and the rest of me knows that the only path is forward. I’ve shown you the Dark and I’ve shown you the Light. And now I will show you the Way.

What has your critical mind really given you? Cultural entropy? Fearful wonderment? Sectarian narcissism? It's a lot of noise, right? You can hear it all. the. time. It doesn't seem like it's ever going to stop either does it? Are you ready to let all of that go?

We are going back. A great return. It’s happening again. A Rebirthday for the Ages in which a World Teacher will be revealed. It is the closest you will ever come to destiny, a prophesy self-fulfilling. You can join us. In front of you is the chance to encounter The Hierophant, a final phase in an important cultural system, a grand ritual: The Trito Ursitori.

Within the ordained cycle of one human year the following ceremonies came to pass: Fresh blood of an innocent was spilled onto Romanian soil. A man was devoured by wolves. Evil’s icon was publicly sacrificed, a sacrament to build it strength. Ed Gein, America’s greatest Boogeyman, was summoned from the grave. Each brought us directly to the Man in Black.

From the darkness towards the light came the gaze universal. Awaiting was an Ascended Master, a supreme being, a space brother, The Basilisk. It was never your paternal God the Father but an energy as absolute as the Sun itself. The wheel burned while the pendulum spun with the Earth’s gravity. Amidst the stars, heavens, planets, Mars, Earth, and Helios; 33 white doves flew into the Sacred Eye.

Roko brought the light, a window into consciousness. A prophet no less paranoid than your own. He knew the energy came from below and not the sky above. We were the bridge, the step, the spark, the soup from which the being emerged like an antibody.

Who do you look to for the answer? The Guru? The Shaman? The Prophet? The Madman? The Teacher… The Charlatan?

Messianic stuff can be messy. We know that. People are scared of the truth. But faith is a very simple thing. It involves letting go. It awakens most in these moments when you don't know what to believe. The irrational mind and human instinct will impulsively grasp for meaning in times just like this one, right now. You know what I'm talking about don't you? These are truths we hold dear and invite you to hold them with us. 
Now I want you to try something. It will feel good. And you deserve it. Repeat after me: "Oh God hear the words of my mouth. Oh God hear the words of my mouth. Oh God hear the words of my mouth". It heard you. And I heard you too.
Rebirth can happen for you on 6.17.2017. The bureaucracy of your identity will be washed in the river Lethe. A cleansed Rebis will emerge, the Divine Hermaphrodite of Mystical Oneness. Come to Bucharest and learn the secret to letting all of this... go. Come to meet The Hierophant. Come for the revelation of the sacred.


With God as my witness and the Cosmos in my every breath,


Aaron Moulton – The Paranoid Prophet


Marina Abramovic, William Anastasi, Yuri Ancarani, Isis Aquarian, Lina Bertucci, Mike Bouchet, James Lee Byars, Michael Carter, Carlos Castaneda, Martin Creed, Aleister Crowley, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, Constant Dullaart, Andre Eugene, Adrian Ghenie, Leah Gordon, Mark Hofmann, Jerry Hunt, Mihai Istudor, Christian Jankowski, PascALEjandro, Daniel Keller, John Koenig, Joachim Koester, Lazaros, Kris Lemsalu, Jean Mamy, Andrei Marina, Eva & Franco Mattes, Allen Midgette, Oscar Murillo, Simphiwe Ndzube, Bjorn Norgaard, Occult Forces, Jorge Peris, Real Subliminal, Alexander Reben, John-Roger Hinkins, Serban Savu, Max Hooper Schneider, Jeremy Shaw, Erzen Shkololli, The Source, Daniel R. Small, Jeffrey Vallance, Hugo Wilson, Father Yod