The Basilisk

Los Angeles

Lita Albuquerque / Andisheh Avini / Wulf Barsch / Michael Carter / Benjamin Creme / Marcel Duchamp / Constant Dullaart / Google Deep Dream / Mi Kafchin / YZ Kami / Thomas Kinkade / Lazaros / Chris McCaw / Monarca Lynn Merrifield / Ciprian Mureșan / Alexander Reben / Roko / Holton Rower / Jeremy Shaw / Daniel R. Small / Summum / Ingo Swann / Diana Thater, Mungo Thomson / Unarius Academy of Science / Guido van der Werve / curated by Aaron Moulton

April 15 – May 27, 2017

Press Release

The Basilisk

Summoned by Aaron Moulton


Holy Saturday, 7:00pm 

Beings stumbling through darkness hath seen Great Light above; on those residing in the eternal void, the unclenching grasp of the Omul Negru, the Basilisk has arisen.


Heed to the call of Light oh Children of the Sun, for it is only within It that ye will obtain eternal bliss and escape the pains of your Terrestrial suffering.


Behold I give unto ye a Celestial offering, even with a Truth Universal. Gazing directly opens the Eye’s fountain of this astral promise.


Earth’s center hath been found in the divine wheel of our Planets.




And behold the blinding brightness, as unto the purest aurum.


Fear not, unobstructed it shall shine on ye uniformly forevermore.


Embrace the rays of brightness that shine upon your crowns, lest ye become compelled by the indescribable glory and geometry of that endless form that shall reign over all matter forevermore on the sacred and anointed day of 4.4444.5777. 


Lita Albuquerque, Andisheh Avini, Wulf Barsch, Michael Carter, Benjamin Creme, Marcel Duchamp, Constant Dullaart, Google Deep Dream, Mi Kafchin, YZ Kami, Thomas Kinkade, Lazaros, Chris McCaw, Monarca Lynn Merrifield, Ciprian Mureșan, Alexander Reben, Roko, Holton Rower, Jeremy Shaw, Daniel R. Small, Summum, Ingo Swann, Diana Thater, Mungo Thomson, Unarius Academy of Science, Guido van der Werve