Joshua Hagler 'Nihil II: Nor the Moon in its Water'

FOCUS: Joshua Hagler is a mini solo exhibition of large and small works on view at Cris Worley Fine Arts in conjunction with Hagler’s offsite solo exhibition entitled, Nihil II: Nor the Moon in Its Water, at the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, Texas, opening February 17th. This exhibition marks the second in a series of the Nihil project. In the artist’s words, “Nihil is the name I’ve given to having nothing left to say. This might sound, from a certain distance, like loss or failure. In practice, saying nothing is the work’s liberation, its best hope for authenticity. Nihil is the name I give to the trick I play on myself that gets me out of the way of the work. Sometimes Nihil refers to my broader contemplative practice, of which painting is just a part. Sometimes it refers to its nine tenets: arbitrary rules for an arbitrary structure, resulting in work specific and accurate unto itself, impossible to replicate.”