Alexandru Niculescu: 6 Rooms


March 3 – April 16, 2016

Press Release

Galeria Nicodim cordially invites you to the opening of Alexandru Niculescu's solo exhibition 6 Rooms, which will take place on Thursday, March 3rd, from 6pm. 


The exhibition 6 Rooms includes the results of the artist's recent years' research and uses elements that, although might seem to be dissonant, are creating a unitary fantastic scenario. This constructed world is mainly defined by the humanoid and animal characters, by puppets, dummies or the drawing representations of these. Their bodies are caught afloat or suspended, stone-still in provocative positions, in a perpetual expectancy. Most of them are mere truncated torsos, their shapes barely suggested, the artist being more interested in the relationships that form among them, than their conclusive assignation.


Alongside the various types of characters, the show includes a series of abstract erotical-fantastic objects that function, on one side, as separate anthropomorphic elements, and, on the other side, as anti-sculptures. While their aspect is almost ludic, their bright colors suggesting the lightness of a fondant, these objects have a considerable weight due to the material they are made of. Although they have been through complex artistical and technical processes - executed in polyurethane foam, then cast in aluminium - they are covered in the trivial, brightly colored but opaque stockings, that virtually call off the surface and the materiality of the sculptures.

The 6 Rooms are conceived and arranged in such a way as to offer different experiences to the public that is interested in going through all of them. The works shown are clearly a mix of techniques, from cast aluminium sculptures, to soot and pigment drawings, to painting on natural canvas, keeping the almost performative traces of the production process visible. Through this mix, Niculescu questions the finality of the art piece, as well as the multiple facets of such a definition.


Alexandru Niculescu is a Romanian artist that lives and works in Bucharest. In his artistic practice he makes use of a variety of visual mediums and techniques, from painting and drawing, to sculpture and installation, which he freely explores and combines in order to attain the desired results.


The exhibition 6 Rooms can be visited until April 16th.